Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FringeCentral is Open For Business!!

(open for business!)

Hey everyone, if you want to buy tickets in advance for The Timing of A Day, (as well you should, we'll sell out!) but don't want to pay the online surcharge, you can buy them in person at FringeCentral which opened last Thursday at 1 East 8th Street at 5th Ave - as the sign shown above indicates. I would take advantage of this resource, if you can make the trip down there. You'll probably want to see more than one Fringe Show, and why pay surcharges with each ticket you buy? Some other shows you definitely need to check out include:

Spellbound - A Musical Adventure: it's Timing's sibling Fringe Show, also being produced by Mind The Art Entertainment. It's gonna be so good!

Two Sisters: also directed by our very own Joey Brenneman. Her work is fantastic, so we must send love to her other show.

You can find all the fringe listings at www.FringeNYC.org. Enjoy your August Staycation!

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