Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Funding Of A Play

Only two weeks and a day until The Timing Of A Day opens! I'm super excited for it. Things are moving along incredibly well, but we could still use some help reaching our fundraising goal and I'm hoping all of you out in Cyberland will lend a helping hand.

You can make a tax-deductible contribution to the show here!

You’ll know you’re donating to the right place when it says on the screen "in behalf of Intimation Productions." Don't be confused that my name or the play's name isn't on the screen. You're in the right place. The money donated here will go to costs exclusively for the play. And there are donation levels that give you different benefits!

FAN - $10-$49
Your Name will be on the play's official webpage! **This would be an incredibly lovely gesture for those who want to support the show but are unable to make it. Regular price for a ticket is $18 at the door. A $20 donation for fans who can't be with us, would put us that much closer to our goal. We would love you for it!

If you're saying, "Owen, I can't stop myself. I need to donate more and I know you need the money." Well friend, I ain't gonna stop you. Here are some more levels with even more benefits!!

SUPPORTER - $50-$99
+ Your Name will be listed in the production's Fringe Program!

CONTRIBUTOR- $100-$249
+ you'll receive a poster signed by Cast & Creative Team

FRIEND OF THE ARTS- $250 to $499
+ you'll receive 2 Tickets to a "The Timing of A Day" Fringe Performance!

PATRON OF THE ARTS - $500 to $999
+ you'll receive 2 Tickets to "The Timing of A Day", Fringe Performance, plus 2 Tickets to any other MTAE Show, & MTAE Pin

Doesn't that all sound fantastic? I'll say it does. Thank you for all the continued messages of support and interest in the project. They are incredibly inspiring. I hope to see you at the show in two weeks!

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