Thursday, July 29, 2010

busy! busy! busy!

(The cast of The Timing of A Day. photo by Megan Dixon)

So much is going on! So much to be done! It's hard to find time to make regular updates. Rehearsals are underway and going strong. The cast is incredible. Every day they're making new amazing discoveries. I love them! Here's a pic of them together as we took promo pictures in Morningside Park.

Lots of new stuff is on the horizon. The webpage is almost ready to go live. Our postcards are about to be delivered, the promotional pictures are being finished. The set is about to be built. We open in just under 3 weeks. It's a little daunting, knowing how much work there is to be done, but there's such great excitement and enthusiasm coming from every member of the team it's not hard to stay positive and stay on task.

I feel so fortunate to be with such a great team!

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